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Tweets from The Economist Innovation Summit

The Economist Innovation Summit 2016 was held on Sept. 6 in Hong Kong. I was honored to speak at the event.


While attending the event, I live-tweeted highlights from the event. The following tweets have been getting many impressions and retweets:

Markus Steilemann: Innovation is about invention that makes money, and China is doing great in that

Victor Foo: innovation should be focusing on solving local market problems.

David Chao: Government directed programs never do well. Let the markets take paths

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Nationalism and Westernization: China’s Place in the World?

Forbes: Helen H. Wang

Chinese New Year
Image by yewenyi via Flickr

The latest The Economist ran a 14-page special report on China’s place in the world. One analysis points out that China’s increasing nationalism could pose a threat to American power and undermine global stability.

The report cited that many Chinese scholars do not believe a partnership with the U.S. is realistic. As Wang Jisi, dean of the School of International Studies of Peking University, was quoted as saying: “Most Chinese would say the U. S. is the enemy.”

I do not want to doubt the source or accuracy of The Economist article. After all, it is one of the best publications that I routinely read – a publication with the most sensible arguments and balanced views.

However, in writing my newly-released book, The Chinese Dream, I traveled all over China and spoke to hundreds of people. They are entrepreneurs, students, government officials, businessmen, office workers, migrant workers, scholars, etc. Not a single person told me that they considered the U. S. as the enemy.

In fact, many people I met looked up the U. S. as a model and admired the American system. Continue reading Nationalism and Westernization: China’s Place in the World?