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Helen Wang On Chinese Millennials Using Social Media To Buy Properties Overseas

I was interviewed by CBC News, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, on how Chinese millennials are using social media such as WeChat to buy real estates overseas. See the interview below.

Believe it or not, Chinese millennials have more cash to burn. As I wrote here and here, they do not have student loan debt. And […]

CCTV Interview: Chinese Spring Festival

Helen H. Wang CCTV Interview: 3.6 billion trips will be made during 2014 Chinese Spring Festival […]

Why Some Brands Succeed While Others Struggle in China

Helen Wang CCTV to discuss how Western brands can succeed in targeting Chinese consumers. […]

My Interview on CNNMoney

Helen Wang’s Interview on CNNMoney on China’s Middle Class […]

My Interview on BBC World News

Helen Wang on BBC World News to discuss eurozone debt crisis and how China’s middle class can help re-balance the West’s economy. […]

All the Jobs in China

Helen Wang Quoted on The Daily about Starbucks and PriceWaterHouseCoopers Blistering China Expansions […]

My Interview on Talk Tonight Show at Bay Area Chinese TV KTSF Channel 26

Helen Wang on Talk Tonight Show at San Francisco Bay Area Chinese TV KTSF Channel 26. […]

Helen Wang Speaks to AmCham-China

During her book tour to China in June 2011, Helen Wang spoke to American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing about what the rise of the Chinese middle class means for American business. […]

Boston Review: When the Chinese Government Will Throw Away the Communist Hat?

One of the critical conditions of democracy is present in China: a large and stable middle class. […]

The Chinese Dream Featured in the Front Page of China Daily

The Chinese Dream featured in the front page of China Daily. […]