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Xi Can Teach Trump How To Make America Great Again

When President Xi Jinping meets President Donald Trump this week at Mar-a-Lago, Xi can certainly teach Trump a thing or two about how to make America great again. After all, the Chinese have been trying to make their country great again for the last few hundred years, and the result is apparent.

President Trump may […]

Winning Chinese Consumers: A Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity

On March 8th, I delivered a keynote speech “Winning Chinese Consumers: A Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity” at TFWA China’s Century Conference in Guangzhou Four Seasons Hotel.

Here is a brief summary of my speech:


Tweets from The Economist Innovation Summit

The Economist Innovation Summit 2016 was held on Sept. 6 in Hong Kong. I was honored to speak at the event.

While attending the event, I live-tweeted highlights from the event. The following tweets have been getting many impressions and retweets:

Markus Steilemann: Innovation is about invention that makes money, and China is doing […]

Speaking at Carlsberg Global Leadership Conference

Helen Wang speaks at Carlsberg global leadership conference in Chongqing, China […]

The 1990 Institute: China’s Growing Global Impact

The 1990 Institute: China’s growing global impact – what it means to teachers and students. […]

Becoming a Bridge between the US and China

Helen Wang speaks at Toastmasters International Speech Contest on becoming a bridge between the US and China […]

I Will Be Speaking at Bay Area Council on Mar. 22

Helen Wang speaks at Bay Area Council on China’s middle class […]

I Will Be Speaking at American Association of University Women

Helen Wang Speaks at American Association of University Women […]

My Speech at Asia House in London

Helen Wang speaks at Asia House, London with Lord Wei on The Chinese Dream […]

I Will Be Speaking in London with Lord Wei

Helen Wang speaks in London with Lord Wei and attends the House of Lords […]