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Tweets from The Economist Innovation Summit

The Economist Innovation Summit 2016 was held on Sept. 6 in Hong Kong. I was honored to speak at the event.


While attending the event, I live-tweeted highlights from the event. The following tweets have been getting many impressions and retweets:

Markus Steilemann: Innovation is about invention that makes money, and China is doing great in that

Victor Foo: innovation should be focusing on solving local market problems.

David Chao: Government directed programs never do well. Let the markets take paths

China’s innovation uses tech to solve problems vs. western innovation creates technology first then products

China’s innovation is not yet a game changer, but has potential for the future

Missing: where’s China’s social and organization innovation?

Kathy Xu: Chinese consumers are born after 1980s. They are spenders, staying home and shopping online

Jonathan Woeltzel: China will not only innovate, but change the innovation process by making it cheaper and faster

In the coming days, I should have more information to share. Stay tuned.

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